30"x16"x16" Premium PVC Reptile Enclosure

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Our 30"x16"x16"PVC reptile enclosure is the perfect home for a small reptile such as; leopard gecko or any other small reptile or exotic pet. These are also stackable! If you're planning to stack you'll need to purchase a stacking kit for the size and number of enclosures you're going to stack. Stacking kits are available in our "Accessories & Decals" section.  Our custom reptile cages are constructed of ½” PVC, two polycarbonate sliding doors, one light fixture, and vents in the rear.

**Enclosure sizes are approximate**


  • Material: ½” rigid expanded PVC - a lightweight closed-cell foam.
    • Closed cell surface
    • Matte surface finish, both sides
    • Vibration and sound absorbent
    • Low thermal conductivity (high insulation value)
    • Lightweight
    • Chemical resistant, non-corroding
    • Low water absorption (does not rot)
  • Premium Polycarbonate Doors
  • Venting: Slit venting on the upper back wall.


  • All enclosures are shipped unassembled to minimize shipping costs and prevent damage in shipping. We assemble and disassemble each enclosure to ensure a perfect fit. Assembly is very easy and takes about 15 minutes.

    **Our enclosures are built to order, most are ready in 5-7 days after receipt of payment. 


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    Flippin awesome!

    My new enclosure arrived super quick and in perfect condition. It didn't take long to assemble myself. Holds a steady temp perfectly and customer service is awesome! I will be a life-long customer, as I will have always have reptile babies of some kind!