We love to provide our reptiles with the best possible homes and these are just a few of the products we personally use and love to keep our reptiles happy and our reptile room running smoothly. 

Affiliate link disclosure - While you'll never pay a penny more, we do earn a small commission for your purchase. 


We're big believers in taking our reptiles out as often as possible and letting them safely explore our reptile room. We've reptile-proofed our room so they can be free to explore, while out and about our reptiles often think the floor is a litter box so we always spot clean the floor with F10 as needed and weekly we clean the floors with our BISSELL Crosswave Pet Pro All in One Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner, we also have kids and dogs so this mop gets used a ton in our house, it's easy to use and deep cleans our floors. 

Another must for our reptile room is a Diaper Genie, I know what you're thinking....those are for diapers, well yes they are BUT they also work great for all those little reptile accidents. We keep paper towels and F10 handy to clean up and throw the soiled towels in the diaper genie, this helps keep our room selling fresh and clean. 



MEGA-RAY - These are awesome! They give your reptile both the UVB & basking that they need! We use them in a few of our enclosures and LOVE them! 



 Our enclosures have a matte finish and suction cups don't work well for hanging things in your cage, we've found that 3M Command Hooks work AWESOME! We use these to attach hammocks, wireless temperature sensors and more.