How to heat and light your PVC reptile enclosure

How to heat and light your PVC reptile enclosure

Kages custom enclosures are constructed using the highest quality ½” PVC. This means the temperature and humidity in your enclosure is easier to regulate and more efficient. 

The science behind PVC: 

Kages enclosures are constructed using a nonporous rigid expanded PVC. Our PVC has an easy to clean matte finish with a cellular core which helps insulate the enclosure allowing you to maintain your desired temperature with lower wattage bulbs and less heat loss. PVC has many benefits for reptile enclosure use especially when compared to glass reptile tanks and metal frame cages:

  • Bioactive ready - Kages PVC enclosures come bioactive ready; there’s no need for substrate shields or plastic liners. 
  • Nonporous matte finish surface - Minimizes stress on your reptile as they won’t be threatened by their reflection. This smooth finish also makes cleaning up after your scaly friend a breeze. 
  • ½” Rigid PVC Construction - Holds heat & humidity much better than glass tanks, giving you more control over your temperatures and humidity while using less electricity. 
  • Optimal Ventilation - Kages are designed with the perfect ventilation for your reptile while minimizing heat loss.
  • Solid Top Enclosures - Having a full screen top enclosure is a waste of energy and resources. By having a full screen top enclosure you’re filling your house with the heat and humidity from your enclosure making it impossible to manage the heat and humidity for your reptile. You don’t leave all the doors and windows open in your house at all times, so why would you have a full screen top enclosure? The solid PVC tops and optional 9” square screen cutouts on Kages enclosures keep the heat and humidity inside the enclosure where they belong. This creates an easy to manage and regulate environment for your reptile. Allowing you to spend less time trying to manage temperatures and humidity levels and more time enjoying your pet. 

Our Thoughts On Belly Heat:

While belly heat is common in the reptile industry it’s not very practical as in nature heat comes from above and warms the animal and basking surface. While there is some heat that comes from below in the form of IR-C. Most natural heat comes from the sun in the form of IR-A & IR-B. Then the sun warms the environment and releases heat via convection in the form of IR-C. Also since PVC has great insulating properties it’s more difficult for the heat to transfer from the heat pad below into the enclosure above. We personally don’t use belly heat in our setups, but using it or not is totally up to you. Personally we prefer these options: 

  • A light fixture with Arcadia’s Deep Heat Projector if you’re looking for a no light option
  • Our personal favorite for heating snakes is with a radiant heat panel which can be purchased here: >>Radiant Heat Panel<< Radiant heat panels can easily be added to our enclosures with a couple screws. 
  • A screen cutout with a dome style lamp on top

Adding Heating & Lighting To Your Reptile Enclosure: 

Kages enclosures come ready to customize and create a truly one of a kind enclosure. Each enclosure has five cord holes along the back wall so you can easily add light fixtures, radiant heat panels, lamp guards, and thermostat probes. Installing light fixtures and radiant heat panels in your enclosure is a breeze. You can attach your lighting using ½” wood screws on the ceiling of the enclosure to create the perfect hoe for your reptile.

Installing Light Fixtures 

All enclosures come ready to have lights added which can be sourced from your favorite lighting supplier. Please note enclosures do not come standard with lights of any kind. Light fixtures can be installed anywhere on the top for added customization using wood screws from your local hardware store. We recommend installing all lights before completing the assembly as it's easiest to do with the top of the enclosure laying on a flat surface with the inside facing up. 

Installing a T5 UVB Fixture & Arcadia JungleDawn LED Bar

Our enclosures come ready to add T5 UVB fixtures and/or an Arcadia JungleDawn LED Bar with a couple of screws. When you purchase these items directly from us, we include all of the necessary mounting hardware. When you purchase from other retailers they come with the brackets, you'll need to supply your own screws. We recommend installing all lights and radiant heat panels before completing the assembly as it's easiest to do with the top of the enclosure laying on a flat surface with the inside facing up. 


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