At Kages we strive to bring you the highest quality American made enclosures with the simplest ordering process and fastest lead-times.

Below are the customization options available.

Please note some options are not available to all enclosure sizes, when customizing the enclosure it will give you the available option to choose from. 


Light Fixtures: With ceramic light fixtures inside your enclosure you can create the perfect temps and select how many fixtures you would like. These fixtures can accommodate up to a 250 watt basking or heat bulb or you can use LED bulbs if you just want to brighten up the enclosure without creating more heat. While the fixture can accommodate up to a 250 watt bulb you will not need nor do we recommend a bulb of that wattage, the enclosures insulate very well so you'll need a much lower watt bulb than in other enclosures. We use Arcadia Pro Ceramic Lamp Holder & Bracket in our enclosures. These may ship separate and require installation in the enclosure. Always use a high quality thermostat to monitor and regulate your temperatures. 

To allow for maximum customization, light fixtures arrive uninstalled allowing you to place them exactly where you would like. 

Screens: 9” square screens are available for our cages and allow you to place a dome light on top to provide heat and lighting while keeping your reptile protected and away from the light source.

Side Vents:  When customizing your enclosure you'll see an option for side vents. These provide additional venting in addition to the standard vents along the back wall. Side vents are highly recommended for arid species as well as most bioactive setups. If you're unsure if you should add side vents we always recommend adding them as it's easier to cover them if you don't need them then trying to add more ventilation later on. 

Kages custom enclosure side vents

Clear View Sides: These are a huge game changer and an industry first! Our Clear View Sides give you a couple of great options! These clear sides are removable for easy cleaning and are made from abrasion resistant polycarbonate. 

1) Additional Viewing Space to see even more that goes on inside your enclosure! 

2) Modular Enclosure. This feature might be our favorite upgrade to date! If you have two enclosures with clear view sides you can remove the polycarbonate windows and connect the two enclosures together for one large enclosure. This also works great for pairings. During breeding season you can open up the two enclosures and allow the two animals to cohabitate and once the breeding season is over they can each move back to their enclosure and you can put the clear dividers back in place! You can also use this to connect two enclosures for one animal to allow the enclosure to grow with them, allowing you to start with a smaller enclosure when they are little and add onto it as they grow. 

Belly Heat: A belly heat groove is a 10”x10” recess on the underside of the enclosure. This allows you to place a thermostat probe & heat mat underneath your reptile cage. This pairs nicely with our LED lighting and is great for snakes. Heat mats can be found here.

reptilekages.com custom pvc enclosure with belly heat recess



*Please note: the options above do not provide UVB, if your reptile requires UVB you’ll need to purchase a UVB bulb & fixture separately and install it yourself. You can also use a MegaRay bulb which provides both heat & UVB together. This can be used in our light fixtures and works great. We unfortunately don’t carry MegaRay products at this time but they can be found on Amazon. You can also use a T5 fixture and UVB bulb as pictured below.