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Explore the customization options we offer below:

Please note that our enclosures do not come with light fixtures. To personalize your enclosure with lighting, simply secure the fixtures to the ceiling using wood screws.

Learn More About Adding Heating & Lights to Your Enclosure 

Keep in mind that some customization options may not be available for all enclosure sizes. When selecting your preferred features, the available choices will be displayed.



Please note some options are not available to all enclosure sizes, when customizing the enclosure it will give you the available option to choose from. 

Screens: Our 9-inch and 18-inch square screens provide a safe and secure solution for adding dome lights to your enclosure. This ensures that your reptile stays protected while receiving essential heat and lighting. 

*Lamps not included 

Square screen top options

Side Vents:  During the customization process, you'll find an option to add side vents to your enclosure. These vents offer enhanced airflow, supplementing the standard back wall vents. Side vents are strongly recommended for arid species and most bioactive setups. If you're uncertain about adding side vents, we suggest including them – it's simpler to cover them if unneeded, rather than attempting to increase ventilation later on.

Kages custom enclosure side vents


Belly Heat: The belly heat groove is a 11"x11" recess located on the bottom side of the enclosure, designed for easy placement of a thermostat probe and heat mat beneath your reptile cage. This feature complements LED & UVB lighting and is especially beneficial for snakes. 

Kages offers Ultratherm heat mats for purchase >>HERE<<

Learn About Adding Heating & Lights To Your Enclosure >>HERE<<

reptilekages.com custom pvc enclosure with belly heat recess



*Please note: the options above do not provide UVB, if your reptile requires UVB you’ll need to purchase a UVB bulb & fixture separately and install it yourself. You can also use a MegaRay bulb which provides both heat & UVB together. This can be used in our light fixtures and works great. We unfortunately don’t carry MegaRay products at this time but they can be found on Amazon. You can also use a T5 fixture and UVB bulb as pictured below.