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My boa loves it

Bought it for my 8' red tail boa. He loves it. He's a lot more active, and he eats better.

Great enclosure

I finally got my enclosure all set up. It was easy to build. My bearded dragon loves it.

Happy home!

I can't say enough how much I love my noodles enclosure, so worth every penny. I would recommend them to anyone! Holds the temp very well, and the humidity is perfect! Would definitely recommend you get handles for the glass doors as they are a little tough to move without anything!

48"x24"x24" / 4'x2'x2' Premium PVC Reptile Enclosure
David Noland (San Luis Obispo, US)

This is the most incredible reptile brand, for sure the only enclosure I trust my reptiles in. I have 2 of these and both are the best enclosures I have ever had, no complaints whatsoever.


I purchased the 4x2x2 enclosure for my STEM classroom to house our new class pet (bearded dragon). It arrived in exactly one week, was super easy to assemble, and it’s just beautiful. It is sleek and very sturdy and I can’t wait for my students to see! I hope to eventually get another so I can bring my class pet home every weekend. I definitely hope to shop with them again.

Love these Kages

These Kages are sickkk!!!. Easy to assemble and look amazing.


I've always wanted one of these awesome custom kages and now that I have one I am unbelievably excited. They are truly a 5 star product and worth every penny. From the ease of assembly to the nice clean look of the enclosure everything is phenomenal and don't even start on the great customization options. One of the best decisions I've ever made was buying this and I couldn't be happier. Plus my beardie loves all the new room. Can't wait to get my next one!

36"x24"x18" Premium PVC Reptile Enclosure
Mr. jonathan bidwell (Lebanon, US)
Great enclosure.

I ordered the 36x24x18. no extras just the enclosure. It arrived at my house eight days after placing my order. super fast on the shipping. I was worried that the enclosure was damaged when it arrived, because two of the corners were badly crushed. however the way they package the enclosure prevented any damage. they put thick hard cardboard taped to every corner. zero damage and it took me all of ten minutes to put it together. I will be buying more as I can afford it. not cheap, But the enclosures are not cheap.

Love this!!

I needed to upgrade my Northern BTS to a new enclosure, and Kages was the one that caught my eye the most; made in the USA? Sweet! Mom & pop owned? Even better!

The quality and ease of assembling these enclosures was great. I didn't personally like the logo inside of the enclosure so I did turn it around, but I have already recommended this to several friends of mine and I plan to buy more when I get more reptiles.

Great enclosure! Been using it to house a kenyan sand boa. Holds heat well, very easy to clean. Only gripe is the tracks build up substrate easily and are a bit tedious to clean. Have to take the front off completely to really clean them out so the doors close all the way. Other than that, it's been perfect!

Couldn't Ask For A Better Enclosure

I bought a Kage enclosure for my boy Draco. We have loved it so much, we are now planning on purchasing one for each of our current reptiles. The quality is amazing, delivery was quick, and assembly was extremely easy!

Stacking Kits
Nicholas Nowicki (Miami, US)

Works well went together fast after i messed up and figured it out. I didn’t pay attention to the stickers and juat started assembling. Same great quality as the enclosures.

Great Quality

This cage is very high quality, every panel was perfect without scratches, the cuts are square and clean, the logo is good but not over the top. I was able to assemble and seal the cage in 45 minutes, and that was being careful and taking my time, making sure everything was lined up. Not to mention receiving the item was QUICK. I've purchased cages from several vendors, and not a single one gets it to you so quickly. I think I've found my new go-to cage source.

The only quirk is that the glass needs to be installed as the cage is being built and the tracks are part of the top and bottom PVC pieces, making the glass unable to be removed once the cage is put together. I don't necessarily see that as a bad thing, hence keeping the full 5 star rating. Just something to be mindful of when you're assembling the unit.

Excellent Enclosure

I ordered this after waiting way to long for an enclosure from another popular company. The cage arrived in less than 3 weeks and I was pleasantly surprised at the quality and ease of assembly. I really liked the notches for cords and appreciated not having to worry about cable management. It looks fantastic and my growing boa is thrilled with the extra space. I plan on purchasing an 8 ft enclosure next year as her final home. The only con is that you have to unscrew the entire top and remove it to be able to take the glass panels out of the track.

My expectations were high, and this still exceeded everything!

I have had my ball python, peanut, for a little over a year now and always struggled with humidity and heat. I live in Reno Nevada where the average humidity level outside is between 35-40. This inside of my house is 25. For the last year I have battled this combined with lower temperatures inside the house between 60-75. I found Kages through a Youtube channel and figured I would save up and give it a shot. I received my package in a reasonable time which was the first pleasant surprise with the Covid holds. As soon as I took it out of the package I knew I had something special. The build was super easy (with a roommate) and the quality is AMAZING. I was worried that the heat would still seep out especially with temps starting to drop as we get closer to winter but I was wrong. This enclosure has held in the heat and humidity better than anything I have owned before. The pics I attached show the humidity levels at night and during the day. The tank has not dropped below 80 even at night and has kept a beautiful heat gradient with only one heat source in there. The major downside to this enclosure is that once you purchase one, you will want more and glass or plastic tub enclosures will no longer be good enough again. I will recommend this product until I am blue in the face. Overall, I have less to worry about and a happy noodle. (yes I will be buying more plants to fill out the tank, I did not realize how big 4x2x2 would really be) Thank you Kages!

Love It

I bought this enclosure for my Argus. It was pretty easy to set up, remarkably light for its size and quite sturdy. I think it took me about an hour to set up, but I was taking my time with it. I was able to assemble it by myself, though getting the pallet moved was a 2 or 3 person job due to it coming on an 8' pallet. This thing has tons of space and is quite customizable. I have mounted ramps on the inside walls for my critter and all it took was a drill and some screws. It also seems to bond well with gorilla glue, which I used to mount rope hammocks and some cork sheets so that she can climb the walls. I will certainly be getting another for my Flavirufus monitor when she gets bigger.

Better than I ever expected!!

The materials for the enclosure are nicely put together and look real sleek, it was very easy to put together, and it holds heat and humidity waaay better than I ever expected it to!! I moved to this enclosure from a glass one and I am never going back to glass! My BTS, Noodle, appreciates the lack of reflections too and looks less stressed.

Thank you, Kages!

48"x24"x24" / 4'x2'x2' Premium PVC Reptile Enclosure
David Noland (San Luis Obispo, US)
I'm going to be spoiled by pages enclosures!

So I saved up to buy this 4' by 2' by 2' enclosure and now I hate all my other enclosures because this one is just so amazing. There's nothing better than this, its so worth your money. I'm already saving up to buy my next one (:

High quality and easy to assemble!

This is THE tank to get for a big beardie! My beardie is 24" long and he has plenty of room to run around or lounge about. The tank was easy to assemble, even without assistance. The quality and accuracy, regarding how the pieces fit, is incredible. You can tell that this is a company that really cares about what they are doing. Kages was an excellent partner in getting the the correct wattage lighting for the tank. as well. The tank seems pricey but the cost is well worth your little buddy's mental and physical health.

Fantastic quality

I did have to wait a little longer for my enclosure to arrive, but it was still within the estimated time period. Everything arrived incredibly well packed and in perfect condition. Assembly was a piece of cake even without a drill; I only had a screwdriver. It's also held up very well as I turned it into a great bioactive enclosure.

48"x24"x24" / 4'x2'x2' Blue Tongue Skink Edition Premium PVC Enclosure
Brandon A (Omaha, US)
Awesome cage!

I purchased two of these with a stacking kit. I've got an Indonesian blue tongue in one, and a northern blue tongue in the other. The Humidity and heat in the cages stay pretty stable, way better than the glass cages I used before. They are fairly easy to build and come with super clear instructions. I plan on getting a third one down the line when I get my next reptile that needs a cage this size.

Super Easy

Arrived quicker than expected and was exactly as advertised. Was my first time assembling an enclosure and it was super easy! Everything fit the way it should, instructions were clear and pieces were nicely labeled (if the two pieces were lined up correctly then their labels would align as well so you know it was placed properly,) definitely made an intimidating task go by smoothly. Enclosure itself is sturdy and nice and sleek. Highly recommend.


I have been on a hunt for a new enclosure for about 8 months now and randomly stumbled upon Kages. I was worried that this site/company was some scam, considering there does not seem to be a lot of reviews or posts about it. I took a leap of faith after doing about two weeks of research on them. My email updates were going to my spam folder so I wasn’t aware of them and that Of course added to my worry about it being a scam. I ordered the tank on 10/03 and I received it 10/23. After unboxing it I noticed that everything was very well packaged and the box was handled with care. I assembled the tank today and sealed the bottom with silicone so that will take a couple of days to cure, so it is not fully set up. I am attaching a couple photos just for reference and so others can see the enclosure and trust what they are purchasing. I am VERY excited to get substrate in this enclosure as well as my ball python, who I have had for 15 years. So this was me spoiling her and making sure she’s going to enjoy a hopeful 15 years more! I truly am impressed with the enclosure thus far and I plan on making another review in the following weeks as I get my snake settled. The only complaint or conflict I ran into was the ceramic light bracket. Though it works fine and does not seem to present any immediate issues, they recommend NOT using this for the tank so I am a little confused as to why it is an option in the first place and the only option-assuming that it is some type of possible hazard. But all things considered, that is a minimal problem and I am very satisfied with Kages!

Great Product

Came in much faster than expected. Dispite cosmetic damage to the box, everything was in great shape (FexEx delivery person insisted I open it up before he left). We will be assembling it this week and will add pictures of it.

Amazing Product!

I purchased two 4x2x2 enclosures for my bioactive ball python setups. To say I've had improvements in temps and humidity would be an understatement. These enclosures make it SO EASY. Humidity and temperatures stay exactly where they should. Mine were built and to my home within 3 weeks. I'm a very happy customer and WILL be back for my 8x2x2s when my girls outgrow these! THANK YOU!