Kages Our Products FAQ

Why can't I use a ceramic heat emitter in my enclosure?

We don’t recommend ceramic heat emitters because they’re not safe for the animal, they can easily overheat and cause injury to your reptile. Some safer options would be radiant heat panels, basking bulbs or heat projector bulbs. We use Arcadia heat projector bulbs in some of our enclosures and MegaRay bulbs in others, both options work great and you'll have to find the safe option that works best for you. Our enclosures also insulate very well so you’ll need a much lower wattage bulb than you would in a glass tank. We always recommend using a high quality thermostat to regulate and monitor your temperatures and checking them with an infrared temp gun as well to ensure the proper temps. We also recommend checking over your enclosure and all heating and light sources weekly to ensure they're all in good condition.  

Can you drill a hole of my misting system?

Since each misting system is a little different and each person would like it placed in a different location, we don't drill holes for them. One of our favorite things about our PVC enclosures is the ease of customization, the material is great to work with so you can make modifications to make it your own. With a household drill and drill bit you can drill any necessary holes for your mister in the exact location of your choosing.

Do you sell, install, or include radiant heat panels?

At this time we don't sell, install, or include radiant heat panels. They do however work great in our enclosures and easily install with a couple of screws to secure one to the ceiling of your enclosure. 

Are the enclosures stackable?

Some cages are stackable, but you would need a stacking kit between the two units to allow the enclosures to properly ventilate. We do not recommend stacking bio-active enclosures. 

We have designed and created our stacking kits to allow you to stack your cages while allowing proper lighting and ventilation, and perfectly blend into your enclosure.  

Enclosures 4'x2'x2' and smaller can be stacked. We recommend using strong shelves such as pallet racking to stack larger enclosures. 

When I’m ordering light fixtures, why can’t I select the placement?

To allow for maximum customization; the light fixtures come with screws that allow you to place them anywhere on the top of the enclosure. 

What lighting options are available and how do I know which is best for me?

Because everyone’s lighting needs are different, we created our cages with a variety of lighting options to easily customize the perfect enclosure for your needs.  

Light Fixtures: With ceramic light fixtures inside your enclosure you can create the perfect temps and select how many fixtures you would like. These fixtures can accommodate up to a 250 watt basking or heat bulb or you can use LED bulbs if you just want to brighten up the enclosure without creating more heat. While the fixture can accommodate up to a 250 watt bulb you will not need nor do we recommend a bulb of that wattage, the enclosures insulate very well so you'll need a much lower watt bulb than in other enclosures. We use Arcadia Pro Ceramic Lamp Holder & Bracket in our enclosures. These may ship separate and require installation in the enclosure. Always use a high quality thermostat to monitor and regulate your temperatures. 

Kages Custom Reptile Enclosure Ceramic Light
Kages Custom Reptile Enclosure Ceramic Light

Screens: 9” square screens are available for our cages and allow you to place a dome light on top to provide heat and lighting while keeping your reptile protected and away from the light source.

kages custom reptile enclosure with screen top

Belly Heat: A belly heat groove is a 10”x10” recess on the underside of the enclosure. This allows you to place a thermostat probe & heat mat underneath your reptile cage. This pairs nicely with our LED lighting and is great for snakes. Heat mats can be found here.

reptilekages.com custom pvc enclosure with belly heat recess



*Please note: the options above do not provide UVB, if your reptile requires UVB you’ll need to purchase a UVB bulb & fixture separately and install it yourself. You can also use a MegaRay bulb which provides both heat & UVB together. This can be used in our light fixtures and works great. We unfortunately don’t carry MegaRay products at this time but they can be found on Amazon. You can also use a T5 fixture and UVB bulb as pictured below. 

22" T5 Fixture: Our T5 fixtures come unmounted without a UVB bulb, we have T5 fixtures and Arcadia UVB bulbs available in our store. We include mounting clips, screws, and instructions to secure the fixture to your enclosure. These easily mount to the ceiling of the enclosure with the 2 screws & mounting brackets provided. 

reptilekages custom reptile enclosure t5 uvb fixture

Do the enclosures come assembled? If not, how difficult are they to assemble?

Our cages ship flat packed, to help save money on shipping fees and to prevent damage in the shipping process.  We designed our enclosures to be easily assembled. A phillips screwdriver is all that’s needed for assembly.  In addition to written directions, an assembly instruction video will be available on our website.

Do you offer any other colors like white, tan, or grey? 

At this time black is the only color PVC option we have available. 

My enclosure arrived and has a plastic like smell....is this normal? 

Yes, totally normal. Just like that new car smell your new enclosure will have an odor for a few days. We suggest getting it all setup and cleaned and allowing it to air out for a few days before moving your animal in. We use all safe and non-toxic materials to create each enclosure. 

How does the size compare to a 40-gallon breeder tank?

A standard 40-gallon breeder tank is 36”x18”x16”.  Kages 48”x24”x24” is equivalent to approximately 110-gallons.  This would make the Kages enclosure almost three times larger by volume.

Is the reptile enclosure sealed?

We use a non-porous PVC that’s moisture resistant. We recommend purchasing reptile safe silicone so you can seal the seams. Silicone is optional however we recommended it for use with bio-active setups and snakes. Moisture from general use and a bio-active setup will not cause issues with the enclosure. However it is not waterproof like an aquarium meaning it will not hold water.

Can I place loose substrate in the cage?

Absolutely! We have designed our reptile enclosures to allow for adequate substrate. Our smaller enclosures have a 3” substrate board, our 2 series enclosures have a 4" substrate board, our 3 series enclosures have an 11" substrate board and our 4 series enclosures have a 16” substrate board allowing room to place the perfect amount of substrate for your reptile.   

Can I use this as a bio-active enclosure?

YES! We have several of our personal enclosures setup bio-active and LOVE it! Our enclosures do not require any special litter guards or plastic liners to be used bioactive. Kages enclosures all come bioactive ready! Are favorite bio-active products are from The Bio Dude.  


Can I attach a hammock to the enclosure?

Yes, you can attach hammocks, and shelves, to your cage either by screwing them into the wall directly or by using 3M Command Hooks.

Which countries do you ship to?

We ship to the continental United States for free. 

How do I care for my Reptile Kages enclosure?

With every enclosure purchase you will receive a Welcome / Care Card for your enclosure, but here are some general suggestions for caring for your enclosure: These are all handcrafted products and wear over time is to be expected. It is important that you take care of your enclosure.

General Kage Care:

  • Don't stack things on your enclosure; they are not designed to be used as a shelf/table.
  • Clean with a mild reptile safe soap & lukewarm water, use a soft cloth and rinse well with clean water.
  • We use diluted F-10 or a water/vinegar mix to clean our personal enclosures.
  • Rinse the cloth or sponge and change water often when cleaning.
  • Do not use razor blades, scrapers, squeegees or brushes.
  • Do not use: Lysol, Pinesol, Formula 409, ammonia, or Windex.

Polycarbonate Care:

  • Clean with a mild reptile safe soap & lukewarm water, use a soft cloth and rinse well with clean water.
  • Rinse the cloth or sponge and change water often when cleaning.
  • Never use a dry cloth, or your hand to wipe clean. Always use a clean wet or damp cloth.
  • Do not use razor blades, scrapers, squeegees or brushes.
  • Do not use: Lysol, Pinesol, Formula 409, ammonia, or Windex.

Last but not least, you will begin to see "love" on your enclosure as time goes by. It's OK! this just means you and your pet are loving and using the enclosure!