What makes Kages™ custom reptile enclosures different?

Our custom reptile cages are handmade in the United States from the highest quality materials. 


We provide our most popular reptile cage options on our website, customizing your custom reptile cage is just a few clicks away. At Kages™ we believe there is no one size fits all solution to reptile enclosures, so we decided that we would build them custom and build them quickly without any compromises. Here at Kages™ we make PVC enclosure customization easy, all it takes is a few clicks, just head over to the size of the enclosure you are interested in, select your features, then place your order, and we will get to work quickly building your new PVC enclosure so your pet can have the home of its dreams. We have built a variety of awesome reptile enclosures, from small 12”x12”x12” enclosures for hatchlings to 8’x4’x4’ enclosures for Tegus. If you need a custom sized reptile cage feel free to contact us to design your custom enclosure. 


Our custom reptile enclosures can be used for any environment from dry arid species like uromastyx, bearded dragons, and Ackie Monitors to extremely humid species like green tree pythons, Rainbow Boas, and much more. We at Reptile Kages™ designed our reptile enclosures to be used in a variety of ways from completely sterile setups to full bioactive setups, we encourage fellow reptile keepers to look into the benefits of bio active enclosures with full spectrum lighting. Our Kages Custom Reptile Enclosures™ were meticulously developed with no aspects overlooked from an animal's point of view. Take our sliding polycarbonate doors for example, our PVC enclosure doors were developed to minimize stress on the inhabitant by opening in the front because many animals perceive anything from above as a threat and it invokes a predator prey response causing flighty and aggressive behavior because they believe their life is in danger. We continued on from an animal's point of view and we developed our custom reptile cages with bioactivity in mind, with that said, we understand that this is not practical for everyone or every application all we ask at Kages Custom Reptile Enclosures™ is for keepers to create an enriching environment with full spectrum lighting and heat that encourages naturalistic behaviors.  To maximize you animal husbandry check out these incredible in-depth feeding and lighting guides by Arcadia Reptile.


We provide the instructions, screws and screw covers. You’ll just need a phillips screwdriver and about 20 minutes to assemble your custom reptile enclosure.


As we know animals and specifically reptiles are born into a vast world with huge enriching environments. It is our ethical duty as keepers to provide the closest thing possible to their natural environment that's why we made our custom PVC reptile cages in various sizes suitable for any species. Our 4’x2’x2’ Kages™ reptile enclosures are equivalent to roughly a volume of 110 gallons! The days of heavy glass 40 gallon breeders or that snake tank that's in your grandma's basement are long gone with our 4x2x2 custom PVC enclosure. The Kages™ 4x2x2 premium PVC reptile enclosure weighs in at only 53 lbs. Our PVC reptile cages are nearly 3x larger than a traditional glass forty gallon breeder. Now compare that to our Kages™ 8x4x4 Monster PVC enclosure with around 898 gallons and just over 30 square feet of floor space! The wide open spaces of these enclosures give your reptile the ultimate luxury treatment they deserve when paired with bio activity and full spectrum lighting.


Kages™ uses the highest quality materials paired with ethical husbandry and animal safety in mind to ensure our reptile cages outperform the competition with our modern beauty, longevity, energy savings, and ease of use for the keeper. In just a few clicks you can have your ideal reptile enclosure fully customized. With our PVC reptile cages you'll maintain your temperature while using less electricity and smaller bulbs. We designed the venting on our PVC enclosures to function without wasted energy due to heat loss like you would find in a PVC cage made out of thin ¼” material. Some older materials like glass aquariums, or other poor insulating materials can cause significant heat loss that results in wasted energy and an increased electricity bill this problem can be exacerbated by a screen top style tank. The sliding polycarbonate doors on our premium PVC reptile enclosures are stronger than acrylic, more temperature and humidity resistant than acrylic feel free to check out the info below for details. Our attention to detail paired with our sliding polycarbonate doors on most of our PVC enclosures provide a much safer alternative to the traditional screen top reptile cages, the days of top opening snake cages like the ones you would see at your local pet store as a kid are long gone.

At Reptile Kages™ we strive to use the highest quality products for our premium PVC enclosures that's why we use rigid expanded PVC & polycarbonate for our reptile caging.   

Our Premium Reptile Enclosures™ are made from ½” rigid expanded PVC - a lightweight closed-cell foam.

Rigid expanded PVC is better at retaining heat:  

With our PVC reptile cages you'll maintain your temperature while using less electricity than glass aquariums or wood enclosures.

Rigid expanded PVC absorbs vibration and sound: 

This decreases the sounds from daily life in your home.

Rigid expanded PVC is better:  

PVC is an excellent choice for your reptile enclosure, it’s water resistant, non-corrosive, and lightweight.


Our custom reptile enclosures feature clean and modern style venting on the upper back wall or sides.

Tempered glass doors are safer:

Our sliding tempered glass doors are stronger and safer than float glass, polycarbonate, and acrylic. They won’t shatter and cut your reptile or yourself like float glass will. 

We strive to provide the highest quality materials in every aspect of the enclosure to create a safe home for your reptile.

    Here at Kages™ we develop all of our products with the animals best interest at heart. All of our Kages™ Custom PVC enclosures were developed by animal enthusiasts not plastic or manufacturing companies that are chasing a dollar.