About Kages


Kages is focused on creating high quality reptile enclosures designed to support the specific needs of your reptile. We combine state-of-the-art technology and our passion for reptiles to create the perfect home for your pet. We strive to provide a high quality & long lasting alternative to glass aquariums, which are too small for medium to large sized lizards like bearded dragons, tegus, and snakes of all sizes. Our focus is creating reptile cages that are not only functional but modern, easy to assemble, affordable, high quality, and beautiful. We believe we achieved this with our enclosures. Each enclosure is handmade by us and fully customizable to fit your needs.

Read our story below to learn how we got started.



I’ve had an interest in reptiles since I was a child, my mom was very supportive and let me have a variety of reptiles growing up. Like most people, I found myself frustrated with the options for enclosures. Everywhere I looked it was all glass enclosure kits for bearded dragons or waiting months for a custom built large PVC enclosure. I started my research and quickly discovered a few issues with what was currently available:

  • Most commercially available enclosures are too small. Each reptile is different and has different space requirement needs, most need a larger enclosure than traditional glass cages can provide. Reptiles need room to jump, run, climb, and do reptile things. In the wild a bearded dragon has acres of nature to explore, so why would you put them in 40-gallon breeder? It seems unfair to the animal to be placed in something so small.
  • Glass enclosures create unnecessary anxiety. Most reptiles do not like their own reflections and are territorial. Having an all glass enclosure can cause unnecessary stress. Animals like to feel safe and secure not out and exposed or on display at all times. Glass enclosures can also cause your reptile to charge at the glass or fight with their own reflection and possibly injure themselves. Our custom reptile cages have a matte finish on three sides to minimize the stress on your pet.
  • Glass enclosures are terrible at retaining heat. This was a big one for me as using high wattage bulbs is not only dangerous, but wasteful. Your basically wasting electricity in an effort to keep the temperatures at the right levels. Not to mention the safety of needing such powerful bulbs to achieve necessary temperatures; you, a loved one or even your reptile could easily be burned.
  • Top opening cages can cause unnecessary stress and turn you into a predator in the eyes of your reptile. As many reptiles and amphibians have a parietal eye, this helps them spot aerial predators. Our custom reptile enclosures feature front sliding doors to minimize stress.
  • 12-18 week wait for an enclosure. I don’t know about you, but I didn’t have the time or patience to wait 3+ months for an enclosure. 

I looked for a proper cage for my bearded dragon (a large, PVC, front opening enclosure) and nothing was available at the local and national pet stores. I knew that many reptile owners build their own, and that was exactly what I did. I quickly realized that not everyone has the know-how, equipment, or time to build a suitable home for their reptile. That is why we created Kages - to provide all reptile, and other small animal, owners large, high quality enclosures that will keep their pet safe and last their lifetime. We also wanted to design sleek modern reptile cages you will be proud to display in your home.

Kages is a small family owned company in Central Minnesota, we’re committed to providing high quality and affordable reptile enclosures. We built our business on the principals of providing outstanding customer service and lightening fast build times. Our family owns a variety of reptiles and exotic pets including; a Bearded Dragon, Leopard Gecko, Northern Blue Tongue Skink, Argentine Tegu,and Leachianus Gecko. Over the years we’ve owned and worked with a variety of other reptile species.

Our goal is provide superior products and customer experience at a tremendous value while creating the perfect home for reptiles & exotic pets.



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