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At Kages our mission is to educate reptile keepers and promote ethical husbandry practices with the animals best interest at heart by giving them the products and resources they need to provide their reptile with the most naturalistic home possible. 

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At Kages™ Custom Reptile Enclosures we use the highest quality materials built right here in the U.S.A. to provide the perfect home for your pet. Our reptile habitats are made from materials sourced right here in the USA that are as modern and beautiful as they are functional and practical for you living room. All of our reptile cages are built with animal safety, enrichment, and wellbeing first and foremost, it just so happens that when we developed our PVC reptile cages we did it with functionality and beauty creating one of the best PVC reptile enclosures on the market. With each custom reptile cage you won't find any cold metal or sharp obtrusive corners all you will find at Kages™ is warm modern beauty paired with the highest quality products like Arcadia Reptile and The Bio Dude. Did we forget to mention we are one of the fastest shippers on the market! Our reptile enclosures can ship out in as little as 25 business days, we try to ship the quickest to get you the best enclosure for your reptiles in the least amount of time. (Please be sure to checkout our current lead times before ordering). One of the best things about a Kages reptile enclosure is all that is needed to assemble your new custom reptile enclosure is a Phillips screwdriver and about 20 minutes.

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Read our story below to learn how we got started.

How Kages Was Born

I’ve had an interest in reptiles since I was a child, my mom was very supportive and let me have a variety of reptiles growing up. Like most people, I found myself frustrated with the options for reptile enclosures. However, coming from a woodworking background a solution for me was to build my own reptile enclosure, I quickly realized that it's impractical for everyone to build their own PVC reptile enclosure and for some it may not be worth the risk, thus Kages™ was born. We started off small building enclosures in our garage and all of our builds were staked on our reputation as a company that could build high quality custom sized PVC enclosures quicker than anyone else on the market. Our path to today hasn't gone without our fair share of sleepless nights, 100+ hour work weeks, and my left thumb that a table saw that decided it needed worse than me but that is part of the sacrifice that needs to be made when you build and manufacture all of your own PVC reptile enclosures in the United States. Before Kages™ was born the biggest thing I found when looking was big companies were only in it for the money and didn't have the animals best interest at heart like we do here at KAGES™. 

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Most commercially available enclosures are made from inferior materials and not built to last the life of your animal nor do they have your animals best interest at heart.  Most are constructed of cheaply made glass, aluminum, wood, or thin PVC that pose the following problems when trying to ethically keep reptiles in captivity or have wait times that can rival a Mars mission: 

Glass:  Increased stress levels due to transparency, glass tanks like 40 gallon breeders can cause increased stress levels due to the fact that they provide no security for the animal that lives there. The animal that lives in this style tank always feels vulnerable and can cause aggression. Top opening aquariums invoke a predator prey response in the animal that lives in the glass tank.Plate glass is extremely heavy and can pose a risk to both the animal and keeper if it breaks. Glass also does a terrible job at holding heat and humidity and often results in the need for a bulb wattage much higher to offset the heat waste.

Metal or Aluminum: Metal can feel cold and is not suitable for a bioactive enclosure setup.  Some metals can corrode over time with exposure to humidity and animal waste.

Wood: Wood can harbor bacterial growth if its not sealed properly resulting in rotting. 

Wood is not as not durable as other materials and not suitable for high humidity species because exposure to water will drastically shorten its lifespan.

Thin PVC: Doesn’t insulate as well as thicker material.

Thin materials will tend to bow or deform over time with heavy load of if the enclosure is not designed to distribute its weight properly. 

Cheaper materials are used to increase profits sacrificing quality and longevity. 

Screen Tops: Unsafe in certain homes due to small children and cats/ pets. 

Higher energy costs due to hot air rising out of the screen top. 

Unnecessary danger due to cats laying on top, Increased cortisol levels in reptile due to natural predator/prey response when domestic cats are laying on top of the cage. 

Acrylic: Where do I start? Rookie mistake. Acrylic does not fair well with high humidity, unless temperature and humidity levels are equal both interior and exterior of the enclosure. (Some thicker acrylic will hold up over time) but it can get very heavy and expensive. 

6-12 MONTH wait for an enclosure: I don’t know about you but I do not have the patience to wait a year for an enclosure. Here at Kages our team works 7 days a week including holidays to ensure orders ship as quickly as possible.

Kages™ is a family owned company in Central Minnesota, we’re committed to providing the highest quality American Made reptile enclosures. We built our business on the principles of providing outstanding customer service and lightning fast build times. Our family owns a variety of reptiles and exotic pets including; a Bearded Dragon, Leopard Gecko, Northern Blue Tongue Skink, Argentine Tegu, Rough Scaled Pythons, and Leachianus Geckos. Over the years we’ve owned and worked with a variety of other reptile species. Chat with us on Facebook about ethical reptile keeping here

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Our goal is to provide superior products and customer experience at a tremendous value while creating the perfect home for reptiles & exotic pets.