Bearded dragons are referred to as sun worshipers so it's very important to give them a bright basking area.
These layouts and product recommendations are just a baseline and general guide. Reptile keeping is an art and requires experimenting along with close monitoring to find out what bulb wattage and configuration will work best in your application. We always recommend manually checking with an infrared temp gun and a high quality thermostat to monitor and regulate temps.
I setup my bearded dragon with the following: 
4x2x2 enclosure at a minimum, I prefer to keep mine in a 5x2x2 or 6x2x2. 
When customizing the enclosure I recommend the following:
  • 2 - 9" Square Screens (1 on the left & 1 on right)
  • Side Vents 
  • No Belly Heat

We recommend the following sold separately:

  • Two 8-9" Dome Style Clamp Lamps
  • Arcadia Halogen Basking Bulb on the right side -  I have a 75 watt bulb in mine.
  • 22” Arcadia 12% UVB bulb on the right side (Another great UVB option would be the 22" Arcadia 14% UVB bulb)
  • 24” T5 fixture that holds the above bulb
  • 22" Arcadia JungleDawn LED Bar on the right side - this gives full spectrum lighting to both the blue tongue skink and the plants in my bioactive setup
  • Some people use a fixture in the cool side of the enclosure for nighttime heat if needed and use a deep heat projector. 


How to setup a bearded dragon cage