I setup my tegu with the following: 
7x3x3 enclosure at a minimum, I prefer to keep mine in an 8x3x3 or 8x4x4

When customizing the enclosure I recommend the following: 

  • Two fixtures on the left or right. This isn't an option when customizing the enclosure, just select 2 fixtures and put a note at checkout for two fixtures on the side of your choosing. 
  • No Side Vents 

We recommend the following bulbs:

- Arcadia Halogen Basking Bulb on the basking side -  I have a 100 watt bulb in mine. 
- Arcadia Deep Heat Projector on the basking side - I have an 80 watt in mine.
- 22” Arcadia 12% UVB bulb on the basking side (Another great UVB option would be the 22" Arcadia 14% UVB bulb)
- 24” T5 fixture that holds the above bulb
- 34" Arcadia JungleDawn LED Bar on the basking side - this gives full spectrum lighting to both the bearded dragon and the plants in my bioactive setup 
You'll always want to use a high quality thermostat to monitor and regulate your temperatures. We recommend Herpstat